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Seed fund

The seed fund is only open for members of the Gesneriasts. Every portion costs 20 Swedish crowns and you order by paying to the post giro account of the association, 921 94 22-4. Be sure to mention reserves, since some sorts are onnly available in a very finite quantity.

Members can not order more than 15 portions a year.

Portions marked with (*) cost only 5 Swedish crowns since they are old and perhaps have less germination. You have to order for at least 20 Swedesh crowns.

Seed donations are very welcome. Send them to:

c/o Lena Klintberg
Milstensv. 49
752 67 Uppsala Sweden

As a guidance, there is a code following the names of the seed species. For seeds from the American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society (AGGS), they are a translation of the code in that list. New hybrid-seeds though, you cannot say much about. We always try to get as many exciting new seeds as possible. Many of the species have been described and depicted in the magazine earlier, so browse through som old issues. In most cases, the codes are enough to show if you can provide the basic conditions to be able to grow the plant successfully.

(A) Alpine = suitable for an area of stoneland or a cool greenhouse.
(E) One-leafed.
(F) Demands high air humidity and warmth.
(G) Growing rather high, 30-60 cm.
(H) Growing high, over 90 cm.
ined. = not yet approved name.
(K) Crawling.
(L) Growing low, below 30 cm high.
(M) Mini, less than 20 cm high and 5-10 cm in diameter.
(MM) Mikromini, less than 5 cm high (including flowes) and less than 5 cm in diameter.
(O) Easy to grow, like weed.
(R) Formed like a bow.
(Rh) Forms scaly rhizomes.
(S) Claims sunshine to flower.
sp = a species, but it is not sure which one; sp.nov. = species novum = new species.
(T) Low temperatures are demanded to set buds.
(V) Has a resting period, forms bumps or rhizomes. When it has withered, check what is left in the pot!
(X) Recommended for grenhouses, demands much space.
(x self) seed from self-fertilizing hybrid, you will probably get plants with lots of different appearances. Some, but not all, look like the parent.
(Y) Best grown under a fluorescent lamp.
(Z) Demanding much water!
() Slow sprouting.
() Hanging, suitable in hanging flower-pots.
Monokarp = Flowers and sets seeds. Then it dies. This could take longer than a year, so you can not say that it is annual.

Seed list



Achimenes longiflora alba

Achimenes hybrids

Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red' x self
Achimenes longiflora x A.'Klaus Neubner'


Aeschynanthus angustifolius MP 1199
Aeschynanthus batakiorum
Aeschynanthus boschianus
Aeschynanthus ellipticus 'Coral Flame
Aeschynanthus gracilis 'Pagoda Roof'
Aeschynanthus longicaulis
Aeschynanthus macranthus 1986-3372
Aeschynanthus micranthus
Aeschynanthus tricolor

Aeschynanthus hybrids

Aeschynanthus curly leaf x seln


Alsobia dianthiflora
Alsobia punctata


Chrysothermis pulchella


Codonanthe calcarata 'Puyo'
Codonanthe carnosa
Codonanthe cf. crassifolia
Codonanthe devosiana 'Hairy'
Codonanthe devosiana 'Jureia'
Codonanthe devosiana 'Zizo'
Codonanthe gibbosa
Codonanthe gracilis 'Kautsky-red leaf' MP 0016
Codonanthe serrulata
Codonanthe uleana


Columnea arguta
Columnea aureonitens
Columnea brenneri JLC 9833
Columnea calotricha
Columnea erythrophaea
Columnea glicensteinii
Columnea lehmanii GRE 11180
Columnea magnifica
Columnea orientandina
Columnea polyantha
Columnea sanguinea 'Santa Teresa' MP0364
Columnea scandens var flava
Columnea sp cf hirta
Columnea ulei

Columnea hybrids

Columnea Xbanksii


Corallodiscus lanuginosus


Corytoplectus capitatus
Corytoplectus congestus
Corytoplectus cutucuensis


Crantzia tigrina


Cubitanthus alatus 'Itamaraju'


Diastema affine JLC 9964


Drymonia cuyabenensis ined
Drymonia serrulata GRE 11112'
Drymonia serrulata 'Maranguape'
Drymonia serrulata 'Palmas'

Episcia hybrids

Episcia cupreata-hybrider


Episcia cupreata
Episcia reptans
Episcia xantha

Episcia hybrids

Episcia mix
Episcia 'Silver Leaf' x 'Raspberry Blush'
Episcia xantha-hybrid

Eucodonia hybrids

Eucodonia hyb (Cecilia x Naomi) x self


Gesneria citrina
Gesneria cuneifolia
Gesneria cuneifolia 'Tom Talpey'
Gesneria humilis MP 0655
Gesneria rupincola
Gesneria ventricosa

Gesneria hybrids

Gesneria (christii x citrina) x self
Gesneria citrina hybrid


Mixed gesneriads species and hybrids


Gloxinella lindeniana
Gloxinella lindeniana (*)


Gloxinia erinoides 'Chapada dos Guimarares' MP0207
Gloxinia erinoides 'Luziana'
Gloxinia perennis G,Rh
Gloxinia perennis (*)
Gloxinia perennis'Insigne'


Glossoloma scandens GRF 11235


Hemiboea subcapitata


Henckelia (?) NSG 10-001 Mahachai Thailand
Henckelia sericea


Kohleria eriantha 'Iguassu'
Kohleria grandiflora
Kohleria hirsuta
Kohleria trianae
Kohleria warscewiczii

Kohleria hybrids

Kohleria 'Ryskan' hybridmix
Kohleria 'Olivia'x 'Ryskan'


Lysionotus serratus G, Rh


microchirita hamosa


Microchirita micromusa L,Y, monokarp
Microchirita involucrata
Microchirita lavandulacea H,Y, monokarp


Monophyllaea horsfieldii G,E (*)


Nautilocalyx adenosiphon
Nautilocalyx melittifolius
Nautilocalyx sp 'Blue Marx'


Nematanthus albus (fd Santa Teresa) doftar
Nematanthus australis
Nematanthus brasiliensis
Nematanthus crassifolius 'Carangola'
Nematanthus fissus 'Boraceia
Nematanthus hirtellus 'Carangola'
Nematanthus hirtellus 'Macae de Cima' MP 0982
Nematanthus lanceolatus 'Carangola'
Nematanthus maculatus
Nematanthus mattosianus
Nematanthus sp. 'Rio das Pedras'
Nematanthus sericeus 'Star'
Nematanthus wiehleri

Nematanthus hybrids

Nematanthus (fissus x N. punctatus) x self
Nematanthus (jolyanus x fissus) x self


Neomortonia nummularia


Paliavana gracilis MP 0922

Paliavana hybrids

Paliavana prasinata x Sinningia gertiana


Phinea multiflora 'Tracery'


Primulina balansae M
Primulina heterotricha MP 00103
Primulina linearifolia
Primulina longgangensis G,
Primulina tabacum

Primulina hybrids

Primulina'Isako' x self
Primulina'New York' x self


Ramonda myconi alba AGS 1207
Ramonda myconi (*)
Ramonda serbica


Raphiocarpus petelotti


Rehmannia sp
Rehmannia glutinosa (*)

Saintpaulia hybrids

Saintpaulia 'Babylons Natt' x self (trailer)


Seemannia gymnostoma Rh
Seemannia gymnostoma U33 Bolivia Rh
Seemannia nematanthodes Rh
Seemannia purpurascens 'Purple Prince' x self Rh
Seemannia sylvatica MP0217 Rh
Seemannia sylvatica


Sinningia aggregata 'Pirenopolis'
Sinningia aghensis
Sinningia aghensis 'Morro do Moreno'
Sinningia aghensis 'Aguia Branca''
Sinningia allagophylla
Sinningia araneosa
Sinningia arenicola
Sinningia barbata 'Jomar'
Sinningia barbata 'Tancredo Neves'
Sinningia brasiliensis
Sinningia bulbosa
Sinningia bullata
Sinningia canastrensis "Purple"
Sinningia carangolensis
Sinningia cardinalis
Sinningia cardinalis (*)
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocent'
Sinningia conspicua
Sinningia conspicua (*)
Sinningia cooperi 'Cunha'
Sinningia curtiflora
Sinningia defoliata MP 1001
Sinningia douglasii
Sinningia douglasii 'Taipas' (rosa) cooperi
Sinningia elatior
Sinningia eumorpha
Sinningia eumorpha 'Saltao'
Sinningia eumorpha vit
Sinningia eumorpha vit m gul rand i halsen G
Sinningia gerdtiana MP 00958
Sinningia gigantifolia
Sinningia guttata G
Sinningia hatschbachii
Sinningia hatschbachii 'Iporanga'
Sinningia harleyi MP 0483
Sinningia iarae
Sinningia incarnata 'Maranhao'
Sinningia insularis MP 0582
Sinningia leopoldii G
Sinningia leopoldii G (*)
Sinningia leucotricha G
Sinningia leucotricha G (*)
Sinningia leucotricha cv 'Max Dekking' G
Sinningia lineata
Sinningia lindleyi
Sinningia macrophylla
Sinningia macropoda
Sinningia macropoda 'Unai'
Sinningia macrostachya
Sinningia magnifica 'Domingos Martins'
Sinningia magnifica 'Pedra Branca'
Sinningia magnifica 'Pink form'(*)
Sinningia mauroana G
Sinningia mauroana G
Sinningia micans
Sinningia nivalis
Sinningia nordestina
Sinningia polyantha
Sinningia pusilla
Sinningia pusilla 'Itaoca'
Sinningia reitzii G, vilar ej
Sinningia reitzii G, vilar ej (*)
Sinningia reitzii 'New Zealand' G
Sinningia aff reitzii 'Black Hill' vilar ej
Sinningia richii 'Jaguare'' G
Sinningia richii 'Robson Lopes'' G
Sinningia rupicola G
Sinningia sceptrum 'Macae de Cima'
Sinningia sellovii 'Bolivia' H (*)
Sinningia sellovii H
Sinningia sellovii 'Purple Rain' H
Sinningia sulcata
Sinningia sp. aff aggregata 'Ihla Bela' MP0631
Sinningia sp.'Carangola'
Sinningia sp.'Catoles'
Sinningia sp.'Chiltern form'
Sinningia sp.'Desafinado'
Sinningia sp.'Globulosa' MP 0622
Sinningia sp.'Guatapara'
Sinningia sp.'Ibitoca'
Sinningia sp.'Pancas'
Sinningia sp.'Regina'
Sinningia speciosa 'Cabo Frio'
Sinningia speciosa 'Cardoso Moreira' Purple MP 01142
Sinningia speciosa 'Haguassu'
Sinningia speciosa 'Massaguassu' caulescens'
Sinningia speciosa mix fr Jack Evans'
Sinningia speciosa mix fr Karleen'
Sinningia speciosa 'Noeli'
Sinningia speciosa 'Santa Terasa MP 0974'
Sinningia speciosa 'Sao Conrado'
Sinningia piersiana MP 01044
Sinningia tribracteata
Sinningia tubiflora
Sinningia warminggii

Sinningia hybrids

Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet'x (conspicua x eumorpha)
Sinningia 'Baby doll' x 'Mercury' x self
Sinningia 'Beata' x self
Sinningia 'Bewitched' x self M (*)
Sinningia 'Cupid's Doll' x self M
Sinningia florianopolis x leopoldi
Sinningia 'Georgia Sunset' x self
Sinningia ('Grapefruit Boquet'x araneosa) x self
Sinningia guttata x conspicua
Sinningia guttata x lineata
Sinningia guttata x lineata
Sinningia 'Hakune matata' x (leopoldii x lineata) x self
Sinningia 'Isabelle' x self
Sinningia 'Island silver' x self
Sinningia iarae x leopoldii
Sinningia 'Julprydnad' x self (*)
Sinningia leopoldii x iarae
Sinningia leopoldii x lineata
Sinningia leucotricha x 'Elin'
Sinningia leucotricha x hatschbachii
Sinningia leucotricha x leopoldii (*)
Sinningia lila minisinningia
Sinningia minisinningia mix Thad Scaggs
Sinningia minisinningia laxrosa
Sinningia 'Orange raket' x self
Sinningia 'Orange raket' x leucotricha
Sinningia pelorisk ljusgul
Sinningia 'Raketbarn'x self
Sinningia 'Silhouette' x Beazy
Sinningia 'Tampa Bay Beauty' x self G


Smithiantha multiflora MP 00913

Smithiantha hybrids

Smithiantha hybrid


Streptocarpus caeruleus
Streptocarpus caulescens, grenad G
Streptocarpus caulescens v palecens, grenad G
Streptocarpus cyanandrus (*)
Streptocarpus cyaneus R
Streptocarpus cyaneus roseo-albus R (*)
Streptocarpus daviesii, Ngoye forest E,Y (*)
Streptocarpus denticulatus (*)
Streptocarpus dunnii E, monokarp (*)
Streptocarpus fanniniae R (*)
Streptocarpus fasciatus (*)
Streptocarpus floribundus R (*)
Streptocarpus galpinii
Streptocarpus galpinii (plurifoliate,perrenating form) (*)
Streptocarpus gardenii R,Y
Streptocarpus gardenii (white form) R,Y
Streptocarpus gardenii (vildinsamlat) R,Y (*)
Streptocarpus goetzei
Streptocarpus grandis
Streptocarpus haygarthii E
Streptocarpus haygarthii E (*)
Streptocarpus johannis (Weza forest) R,Y (*)
Streptocarpus kentaniensis R, placera svalt (*)
Streptocarpus kirkii
Streptocarpus kirkii (*)
Streptocarpus lilliputana (*)
R,Y (*)
Streptocarpus nobilis
Streptocarpus orientalis
Streptocarpus pentherianus
Streptocarpus polyanthus polyanthus G,Y (*)
Streptocarpus primulifolius blue R,Y
Streptocarpus primulifolius R,Y (*)
Streptocarpus prolixus
Streptocarpus rexii
Streptocarpus rexii R (*)
Streptocarpus rexii light R
Streptocarpus sylvaticus
Streptocarpus sp 'Nova Itala N Natal' (*)
Streptocarpus sp 'Nova N E Kwazulu' (*)
Streptocarpus stomandrus
Streptocarpus thompsonii (*)
Streptocarpus wendlandii (*)
Streptocarpus vanderllevii(?) (*)

Streptocarpus hybrids

Streptocarpus 'Bethan' x self
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Daisy Jane' x self
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Merry Me' x self (*)
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Peltiocat' x self
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Phaser Blast' x self
Streptocarpus 'Canterbury Surprise' x self
Streptocarpus 'Canterbury Surprise' x 'Bristol's Party Boy'
Streptocarpus 'Cherry Rolloff' x self
Streptocarpus 'Cherry Roulette' x self
Streptocarpus 'Carolyn Ann' x self
Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' x self
Streptocarpus 'DS Yellow-Eyed Niskt'
Streptocarpus (dolomiticus x S.Frankenkerrys Gold) x (Texas Hot Chili x S.lilliputana )
Streptocarpus enbladig strep (*)
Streptocarpus 'Franken's elegance' x self
Streptocarpus 'GHA x self'
Streptocarpus 'Gloria x self'
Streptocarpus 'Gum-Anders' x 'Tartan Blue'
Streptocarpus 'Iced canadian sunset' x 'Noid'
Streptocarpus 'Jane Elizabeth' x self
Streptocarpus 'Jenny' x self
Streptocarpus 'Karen' x self (*)
Streptocarpus 'Kazia' x self
Streptocarpus 'Magpie' x self
Streptocarpus 'Merle' x self
Streptocarpus 'Midnight Flame' x self
Streptocarpus mix
Streptocarpus mix 2012 Inger Larsson
Streptocarpus mix Gunilla
Streptocarpus mix 2012 fr. Gunilla
Streptocarpus 'Modbery' x self
Streptocarpus (montigena x S.fasciatus) x (Texas Hot Chilli x S.lilliputana )
Streptocarpus 'Moonlight' x self
Streptocarpus 'Moonlight Velvet' x self
Streptocarpus 'Olwen' x 'Moonlight'
Streptocarpus 'Phaser Blast' x self (*)
Streptocarpus 'Sandra' x self
Streptocarpus 'Summertime' x self
Streptocarpus (Texas Hot Chilli x S.lilliputana) x (S.Jones Hybrid x S.lilliputana )
Streptocarpus variegated x self


Titanotrichum oldhamii


Tremacron auratiacum A


Vanhouttea hilariana 'Carrancas'
Vanhouttea pendula MP0310

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