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Trip to Germany 2012

Plants in Germany

Places we will visit on the trip

(photo: Johannes-Ulrich Urban)

In August 23 to 26, 2012, when gardens and house plants are most florid, we plan to do a gesneriad theme trip to northern Germany. It is our member Johannes-Ulrich (Uli) Urban that has invited us, and one of the primes of the trip will be to visit his garden and green house. We will visit a few botanical gardens nearby. The botanical garden in Potsdam has a nice gesneriad collection with many Achimenes hybrids growing in large hanging baskets. In the green house grows also a lot of begonias and philodendron. The botanical garden in Berlin is about 30 km from Potsdam. The garden has not so many gesneriads, but it will be possible to get a guided tour around it. In Hannover, about 25 km from the home of Johannes-Ulrich, there is another botanical garden where we are welcome to look behind the curtains. This garden has a collection of african violet species, and it was actually this garden that brought african violets in to cultivation.

We will stay in Potsdam near Berlin at Pension Potsdam for the first two nights, and then we have the hotel Cantera that we can use Friday and Saterday night.

23 August The Botanical Garden in Potsdam
24 August The Botanical Garden in Berlin
25 August The Botanical Garden in Hannover
25 August Dinner in the evening at Uli
26 August Visit in Ulis garden and green house

Links to the gardens
The Botanical garden of Herrenahusen, Hannover
The Botanical garden in Potsdams (in German, have an intresting movie showing the garden)
Short English introduction to the botanical garden in Potsdam
The botanical garden in Berlin

Contact Lena Klintberg (address can be found in Gesneriastnytt) or e-mail if you are interested in receiving updates about the travel plans. Please, let us know if you will join before May 25, in that way we can arange the transports between the gardens and book the hotel.


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